Pruvia Copper Spray

New product on sale: hygienic protection spray bottle

Protects your device for up to 3 days !

Simple usage and efficient protection.


World’s Only Protectant Powered by Silver and Copper Nanoparticles Designed for Mobile Devices.

Don’t just clean your mobile device – protect it. When other cleaning products stop working, our patented Copper Spray™ continues to protect your device from bacteria, mold, and fungus for up to 3 days. Simply reapply to reactivate the protective barrier.

Pruvia Spray

Protects your device from bacteria, mold, and fungus;

Provides 3 days of protection;

Safe, natural formula using copper and silver ions;

Patented nanoparticle technology made in the US;

Works on phones, cases, countertops, remotes – any surface;

Convenient 2oz (60ml) travel-safe spray bottle