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Film Installation under 30 seconds 

With the Magic Installer, install the film under 30 seconds  in the easiest way. Show great customer demonstration et reduce the waiting time. 


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The Ultimate Protection

The best screen protection in the world by Mobile Outfitters 

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An International Adventure

Founded in 2007, Mobile Outfitters is currently present in more than 50 countries with 800 partners. Our vision is to challenge the status quo by selling high quality product and backing them with customer-focused support at 1,000 locations in 50 countries by 2022

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RapidCut Portal

The RapidCut Portal is a platform allowing you to follow your cuts from your different sales points. Number of cuts, detailed reports... Follow all the information related to your machines from the RapidCut Portal. 

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To access your RapidCut space, log in and go to your customer area. A "login" button will take you to the RapidCut Portal